Training of Selling Skill & Refreshers Course

According to Annual Training Program Training Department of General Pharmaceuticals Ltd. arranged two days Training of Selling Skill & Refreshers Course on 23rd -24th February 2012 at Sylhet. Participants: SPO/MPO (according to TNA), RSM / ZM / AM... Read Details

Workshop on printer management

General Pharmaceuticals Ltd. IT department has organized a day long training program for printer operation management. The training was provided by specialized individuals from Epson. Trainers achieved hands on experience from professionals to opera... Read Details

8th AGM of Community Health Foundation

8th Annual General Meeting of Community Health Foundation Banagladesh (CHFB) has been held on 3rd February, 2012 at the factory Unit 02 of Genral Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Dr.Kh. Md. Anwarul Hoque,Executive President CHFB,Dr. Momenul Haq- Chairman, Go... Read Details

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